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What’s new at Sportalm? You can find out the latest news and all kinds of interesting facts about our alpine resort here and keep up to date with what’s happening in Pitztal. So, put your reading glasses on, your hooves up, and start browsing!

News from Sportalm

H1: The meditation chapel at Plattenrain

Set in a unique panoramic location, high up at Plattenrain, ...

News from Sportalm

The stone pine – a gifted Alpine border-liner

It’s a real power wood, an all-rounder, the queen of the ...

News from Sportalm

When April gives you showers …

They say that the weather in April is changeable and ...

News from Sportalm

The Easter bunny comes hop, hop, hopping …

Spring is already captivating us with its colours and ...

News from Sportalm

Off to Opa Sepp’s power hotspot:

Spring is drawing nearer and we can finally swap our ...

News from Sportalm

Spring is fast approaching!

Spring is just around the corner and is waiting to pamper ...

News from Sportalm

Immerse yourself in Kaunergrat Nature Park

Have you enjoyed unique skiing fun and winter adventures ...

News from Sportalm

Let’s celebrate love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you want to ...

News from Sportalm

Hit the slopes of Pitztal!

Where is skiing the most fun? In a glacier ski area that’s ...

News from Sportalm

Seppi’s winter hiking tip

Especially over the past year, many snow fans have ...

News from Sportalm

Time to put up your hooves!

We think December is the ideal month for a wellness break. ...

News from Sportalm

Crisp winter air and the scent of biscuits

Larissa and Fabian love Grandma Reini’s nougat biscuits. ...

News from Sportalm

A journey back to the ice ages

Have you ever walked on a glacier? If not, how about ...

News from Sportalm

Morning magic

The best start to the day? For us, it simply has to be a ...

News from Sportalm

Light, Mediterranean, full of flavour:

What does your summer taste like? Fruity and fresh, light ...

News from Sportalm

Up the mountain …

Summer in the mountains is uniquely beautiful. Let us give ...

News from Sportalm

Arnica, herbal pouches, or marmot oil?

After a high-power mountain tour, there’s nothing better ...

News from Sportalm

Ibexes, chamois, and friends

Want to enjoy unique encounters with the Big Five of the ...

News from Sportalm