Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
Our family-run hotel in Pitztal
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Our hotel in Pitztal: behind the scenes

Let us introduce ourselves.

Who is actually behind your excellent feel-good holiday at Sportalm? You’ll find everything you need to know about your hosts, the Schwarz-Siller family, here. Wonder why we call our family a source of strength? It’s simple: family comes first for us; we give each other strength and support as well as always being there for each other. And you can feel this family spirit at our resort from the very first moment.

Of course, we are supported by an energetic and unbeatable team, without whom your holiday would not be the same. Sit back and listen to Martin, Angelika, Larissa, Fabian, Grandpa Sepp, Grandma Reini, and Seppi introduce themselves.


Martin is the “big buck” at Sportalm –at least that’s how he sees it. He manages the entire hotel, pulling the strings, but prefers to stay in the background and let Angelika and his children take centre stage. The highlight of his working day is a cosy chat with guests and friends at the hotel. Martin is constantly on the lookout for challenges and keeps up with the newest technologies. He is happiest when everything runs smoothly, and his guests wander through the hotel smiling from ear to ear.


Angelika, the woman at Martin’s side at Sportalm, is the one who is always smiling! As the cheerful soul of the hotel, her sunny disposition charms guests and puts smiles on their faces. She is particularly happy when she can bring her guests joy with her lovingly selected decorations. She is always up to date on the latest furnishing trends and studies them day and night. With her good sense for colours and shapes, she creates a warm, cosy atmosphere at Sportalm. As energetic as an ibex, she springs from the breakfast room to the kitchen, from the reception to the rooms, and lends a hand wherever she is needed.


Larissa may be the youngest member of the Schwarz-Siller family, but she is nevertheless the protagonist at the reception. With her warm smile, she always welcomes our guests politely, warmly, and with a respectful approach. She helps where she can and is therefore very popular with her colleagues. Her absolute passion is sport in all its guises: Whether hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, or unicycling – Larissa always impresses with her skill and sporting spirit. She even aspired to train as a ski instructor so maybe she will show you the best tips and tricks on the slopes during your next Sportalm holiday!


Fabian embodies the “next Sportalm generation”. He is the calming influence in our family because he always has everything under control, and it takes a lot to get him worked up. He loves dealing with the guests and feels at home at their service. In the evenings, he spoils our guests and night owls with refreshing aperitifs, demonstrates his shaker skills with delicious cocktails, and recommends the perfect gin for every occasion – our gin selection is known throughout Pitztal thanks to Fabian! In his spare time, he looks after his cars with love and passion and takes them out for a spin through our gorgeous valley.

Opa Sepp

Grandpa Sepp is the face of Sportalm and is also affectionately called the “Sportalm Guru” by many of our regular guests! Grandpa Sepp used to be a passionate mountaineer and hiker and loved to spend his time in nature. When he was in top sporting condition, he climbed up to 60,000 metres of altitude per year! He used to give our power animal a run for its money. These days, he takes a more relaxed approach and has resigned as a hiking guide.

Oma Reini

Grandma Reini is our resilient hostess. Although she has already handed over the reins to Martin and Angelika, she is still filled with a conscientious and astute business sense and keeps a close eye on everything that goes on at Sportalm. She is happiest when our hotel is full and she can chat comfortably to our guests – quite often she have them in fits of laughter at the bar with her dry Tyrolean humour! Grandma Reini is the heart of our family and keeps us together – woe betide anyone who strays!


Seppi is Martin’s younger brother. He is not only a real outdoorsman who feels right at home in the Pitztal mountains but is also a gifted cook. He prefers to be on hiking trails and ski slopes (rather than behind pots and pans) and likes to accompany our guests on ski tours and winter hikes. Seppi is never at a loss for a quip and often causes guffaws among our guests. Another of his passions, by the way, is being a farmer. Even as a child, he dreamed of running his own farm! Back then, before school started and breakfast was served, he would go to the neighbouring farmer and help him in the barn – usually while still wearing his pyjamas!

Our family-run hotel in Pitztal