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Ready for Alpine challenges?

The Pitztal mountains are superlatives turned to stone. Haggard. Rough. High. A real challenge. Unforgiving and hard. But you are harder. You are ready for the challenge. Only those who know their limits know how much they need to grow in order to reach their goal. Become one with nature. The mountain provokes. Respectful, but decisive. Are your ready to conquer the Pitztal mountains? Welcome to our world, our Hotel Sportalm in Pitztal. 

At home in the mountains

The Pitztal: Mountains which challenge you to a duel. Prove your courage with experience, sure steps and a calm countenance. Return, bearing fame and riches. Your trophy: an incomparable wealth of natural impressions, beauty and the overpowering feeling of victory. No boundaries: 380 km of hiking trails, from leisurely walks to half day hikes and challenging mountain tours to challenging peak runs. Dive into the heart of the Tyrolean mountains. The home of our hotel in St. Leonhard, the Pitztal, with its multitude of natural landscapes, numerous waterfalls, which tumultuously fight gravity, and the various degrees of difficulty are a unique highlight for Alpinists, nature fans and walkers – and simultaneously, it is the home of the mighty Wildspitze, Tyrol’s highest mountain. Mountain climbing and walking: here the motto is, experience Tyrol from above.


Not unusual at heights of over 3,768 m. The Wildspitze is the roof of Tyrol. Imposing and majestic, it instils fascination and respect. But it doesn’t have to be a three-thousand-meter-high mountain immediately- for casual walkers and leisurely mountain fans and families, this is an opportunity for leisurely walking and hiking routes full of encounters with nature. Impressive waters, turquoise lakes, bridges, sticks and stones.

Hiking hotel in Pitztal: The Sportalm.

Exclusive for our guests at the Hotel in Pitztal, our senior landlord Sepp organises tours into the Pitztal mountain worlds as well as the Pitztal walking bus, which will bring you to your pole position in comfort. The bus is completely free with your Pitztal freedom pass, and it is free for the duration of your stay. We are also the best address for maps, insider tips and valuable advice about hiking:

Sportalm boss, Sepp is an expert, will provide specialist advice and personally show you the most beautiful places, the most impressive paths and the most rustic Alpine huts.

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Give everything. Conquer gradients. Enjoy the view.

Overcome your limits. Go beyond yourself, with every step. Conquer gravity. Every meter of altitude- a challenge. A success.

Leave the valley behind you. Now it’s only the mountain and you. Now. Moments like these: Powerful. Aspiring. Confident of victory. Biking in the Pitztal – a successful experience combination for all levels. From demanding mountain trails to exciting trails, to comfortable fun trails, mountain bikers, e-bikers and families have a massive range of possibilities. They all have one thing in common: Wonderful panoramas, refreshing mountain air and excellent signage. Your Pitztal biking holiday: An outstanding experience.


Up high or down to the valley. It’s your choice.

95 km of marked trails. Uncountable meters of altitude. No limits. Don’t let anything top you. The purest form of freedom: Travel into the Pitztal on your mountain bike. Whether you are a sports fan or connoisseur: We have alpine exhilaration for everyone. You can select your mountain adventure, starting with the numerous gondola lifts in the region. Or you prefer to start directly from our Hotel Sportalm in St. Leonhard and then conquer meter by meter of altitude with muscle strength alone? Respect. Or maybe you prefer to start above the treeline and enjoy spectacular views and an exciting descent back to the valley? It’s totally up to you. However, what you definitely should do: Take a break in one of the many diverse Alpine huts or mountain restaurants, and enjoy the sun, with hearty cuisine and a refreshing beer, Radler (beer mixed with lemonade) or Almdudler (alcohol free, spiced apple fizzy apple juice). A special plus: The free Hiking Bus means you are more flexible than ever – it’s free to take your bike! The Pitztal: Mountain bike paradise and cycling area in the Tyrolean Alps.

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Pure adrenaline on the longest Alpine rollercoaster in the world.

3,535 meters long. Starts at 1,500 meters above sea level. 500 hundred altitude meters. 1 unique experience: The Alpine Coaster Tyrol in Hoch-Imst is a family attraction which thrills everyone. At the halfway station, the fun begins – and after a short walk, the extraordinary route will thrill you immediately: Waves, steep curves and rapid twists will quicken your pulse and laughing muscles going. The Alpine Coaster in Tyrol: one of a kind, worldwide.

High-speed into the Alps

On your marks. Get set. Go! When the lights change to green, then the Alpine Coaster will descend towards to the valley – of course at high speed. Guaranteed adrenaline rush. Through forests, over sticks and stones, the rails of various heights up to 6 m. Panorama feeling, action and fun in one, the Alpine Coaster in Tyrol. Treat your kids, friends or yourself to a kick of a special kind – the Alpine Coaster is a highlight for all age groups.



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Feel the water element.

Spite the forces of nature. Breathe in life with every inhalation. Enjoy the moment. Nature has created an incomparable outdoor park in Pitztal, providing unique ways and uncountable opportunities to discover special places during your outdoor activities, rushing wild streams, which can be conquered while rafting – for example the Imst Ravine, one of Europe’s best rafting spots. Canyoning will take you to the origin and let you feel the elements. Vehement. Rugged. Pure.  

Professional rafting and canyoning guides will accompany and show you the tricks of outdoor experts. Or you explore deep ravines using a rope to walk through them. Experience outdoor Tyrol – with a holiday in the Pitztal.

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Summer holiday in Tyrol. Adventurous days in the Pitztal.

Origin. Nature. Adventure.

Lively elements. From the eternal ice of the glaciers to rushing streams and torrential waterfalls. A region which unites extremes and opens up a unique Alpine world to its visitors: The Pitztal. Full of surprises and adventure. Whether it’s hiking or biking – on your summer holiday in Tyrol you will experience an impressive diversity of landscape impressions and unforgettable flora and fauna – for example in the Kaunergrat Nature Park, home to over 1,200 proud ibexes and Tyrol’s first Nature Park House. The majestic mountain peaks that surround our hotel in Pitztal have challenged Alpinists, mountain fans and peak troupers for many years.

Rough, steep mountain faces define the picture of the natural paradise in the heart of the Alps. Sepp, our Sportalm boss, knows Pitztal, this natural jewel, like no other. Accompany him on an impressive hike and unlock nature’s secrets, discover her most beautiful locations and best panoramic views.  

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